Tibetan Science Conclave - IV

Tenzin Pasang. October 19, 2016 10:50 PM. 3642
Start Date: 15-Dec-2016. End Date: 17-Dec-2016. Event Closed


What: Tibetan Science Conclave - IV
Where: Tibetan Youth Hostel, Bangalore
When: 15/12/2016 to 17/12/2016

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Tibetan Scientific Society is pleased to introduce Tibetan Science Conclave - IV to be held in Bangalore this December. We are retaining the general conclave format of TSC-III for this upcoming conclave based on the positive  experiences reported by our past participants. As in TSC-III, we will have an overall theme to this conclave. Last conclave’s theme was “understanding scientific research” that brought in an expert who gave a hands-on training to our participants in the form of instructive talks and candid interactive sessions. The theme this year will be “multi-disciplinary approach in scientific research”, a topic that the board members of TS2 thought is of great relevance given how professionals in the scientific community today constantly collaborate with each other to make important breakthroughs. A part of the past conclaves that will continue to be an important component of this conclave as well is the industrial/campus visit which allows the participants to visit institutions of scientific research, and speak and interact with the resident scientists. We will also have a part of the conclave devoted to Buddhist science which will bring monastic scholars to our conclave and let the participants learn about Buddhist approach to topics such as psychology and epistemology. A day will also be set aside for the participants to present their research work to the rest of the participants, and help generate constructive discussions and a possibility of future collaborations.


In every conclave we try to introduce something new. Indeed, this year we are planning to fund master’s students ahead of time for the completion of their projects. In return, they will be required to present the results of their projects at the conclave. We believe this will hit two birds with one stone. The funding opportunity will not only help them successfully complete their programs but also give them an opportunity to present and receive feedback from their fellow participants.   


The aims and objectives of Tibetan Science Conclaves are:


  • To provide a platform where Tibetans in scientific fields (students/professionals) can interact and exchange ideas with the larger scientific community at both national and international levels.


  • To provide opportunities for interaction and exchange of scientific ideas among Tibetans in various scientific fields (students/professionals).


  • To encourage young Tibetan students to pursue exciting and innovative researches in science.


  • To discuss issues related to the development of science and technology within the Tibetan community that will assist Tibet’s present and future.



TS2 will hold its fourth conclave (TSC-IV) at Tibetan Youth Hostel, Bengaluru, on 15-17 December, 2016.


 Tentative program for TSC-IV:


  • Participants will have one day educational visit to reputed research laboratories. At TSC-III our participants visited the reputed National Center for Biological Science and Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore.


  • Lectures and interactive sessions focused on multi-disciplinary approach in scientific research.


  • Participants will have the opportunity to present their research projects and receive constructive feedback from their peers.


  • TS2 will invite Buddhist scholars to highlight the convergence of modern science and ancient wisdom of Buddhist Science, and generate interactive discussions.


  • We will also have a talk on introduction to research for the younger participants.


  • Tibetans who have PhDs or are currently pursuing PhDs in scientific fields will be invited to share their experiences.


Who can participate?

 Any Tibetan pursuing a graduate or an undergraduate degree in any scientific discipline can participate in this conclave. However, TS2 can only afford the total expense of 30 selected participants. Four Tibetan school students and three monastic science monks will be exclusively invited to participate in this conclave. Nonetheless, with a very reasonable registration fee, the conclave will be open to anyone else interested.


An appeal


Thanks to organizational and individual donors like you, all of our past conclaves were hugely successful with excellent positive feedback from our participants. For the upcoming conclave (TSC-IV), the estimated expenditure is Indian Rupees 3,28,000 (four hundred and twenty-eight thousand Indian Rupees). Please contact us if you want to see the detailed breakdown of the estimated expense. If you are willing to donate and help us succeed in our endeavors please use the secure donate tab below.



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