Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science Dialogue at Sera Jey

Tenzin Pasang. October 18, 2016 02:38 AM. 2943

From December 23-14, 2017, Tibetan scientists and Buddhist scholars came together for a two-day meeting at Sera Jey Science Center in Bylakuppe, India and discussed various topics covering the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, Buddhist science and spirituality.  


Until recently, dialogues between modern science and Buddhism have involved predominantly non-Tibetans who representated modern science. In contrast, this meeting, aptly titled "Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science", organized jointly by Tibetan Scientific Society and Sera Jey Science Center is the first of its kind where the team representing modern science consisted entirely of Tibetans born and educated in exile. Such a representation not only speaks to the success of exile Tibetan society in producing Tibetans who are working at the highest level of scientific scholarship but a meeting such as this also has the advantage of having both sides of the dialogical table flanked by people speaking a common mother tongue. 


Here are some snapshots from the meeting. 





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