Tibetan Students and Researchers Converge for a Science Meet

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Dec, 17, 2014 – Bangalore : A large number of Tibetan science students and researchers from around the country are gathered today on the first day of a four-day event called Tibetan Science Conclave-III at the compound of Tibetan youth hostel in Bangaluru.


Tibetan Science Conclave is a biennial workshop organized by Tibetan Scientific Society, a non-governmental, non-profitable organization started by a handful of young Tibetan science PhD students and professionals in 2008 to promote scientific education and advanced research careers among Tibetans in exile. The time devoted by the board members of the society to its activities is completely voluntary and comes with no salary. Dr. Kalsang Tharpa, one of the board members and organizers of the conclave says ‘the goals of these conclaves are: 1) to create awareness among Tibetan science students on topics such as research and career opportunities in science, 2) to provide a meeting ground for students and researchers to discuss issues in Tibetan community that could be addressed through the knowledge of science and technology, and 3) to promote discussions on points of convergence between modern science and ‘Buddhist science’ as well as on Tibetan medicine.’


The society conducted Tibetan Science Conclaves I and II in 2010 and 2012 respectively with the above goals in perspective. The events were a huge success and received wide interest among Tibetan college students. The reports on the past two conclaves could be found on the website www.tsenrig.com for the interested individuals.


The conclave - III is not only being attended by a large number of college students from across India but also by interested students from Buddhist monastic universities and Tibetan schools.


In speaking about the expenses of the conclave, Mr. Tenzin Pasang, another board member of the society, says, ‘We as a society completely rely on individual and organizational donations to support our activities. We are therefore indebted to Science Meet Dharma in Switzerland, Arizona Friends of Tibet and Dagri Labrang in Dharamsala for supporting the expense of this conclave.’


‘The theme of Tibetan Science Conclave – III is ‘Understanding Scientific Research’, and we are conducting the first day of the conclave in collaboration with experts from IndiaBioScience, an Indian non-profit initiative whose programs align with the theme of this conclave’, says Dr. Tharpa. The programs feature interactive sessions on research methodology, technical writing and use of online resources.


The second day of the conclave is exclusively set aside for the attendees to present their research work before the rest of the participants and engage in critical discussions that may generate interesting feedbacks and perspectives. There will also be a chance for participants to compete in science working model contests.


Day three will take the participants on a tour of reputed scientific laboratories, including National Institute of Biological Science and Indian Institute of Science, both based here in Bangaluru. The department heads of the institutes will brief the participants on the research activities they are engaged in. The participants will also be taken on a guided tour of the labs where they will have an opportunity to observe and examine the tools used by the researchers.


The conclave will wrap up with the fourth day devoted to the discussions on ‘Buddhist science’, a term often used to refer to the components of Buddhism that share areas of convergence with modern science in fields such as cosmology, neuroscience and psychology. This event is being conducted in collaboration with science department of Sera Jey, a Buddhist monastic university center based in Bylakuppe. The participants will interact closely with the Buddhist scholars in the spirit of learning and discussion. The conclave will then conclude at 6 PM following a valedictory function.




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