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There is no doubt that science has made great contribution to the welfare of mankind. While scientific culture spread and flourished in many countries for hundreds of years, Tibet as a country remained aloof. Post 1959, Tibetans in exile under the dynamic leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama made concerted effort to introduce modern education in the Tibetan school curriculum besides preserving and promoting the rich Buddhist philosophical tradition. Science has been recognized as one of the key areas of modern education.

Science and math are often perceived and feared as difficult subjects by school students. Such an outlook can be detrimental in the long run by hampering the formation of a scientifically conscious and competent Tibetan society. This could be prevented by demonstrating to young students the rather "fun-filled and rewarding experience" that learning science and taking up a scientific career can be with candid interaction with Tibetan students pursuing post graduate studies and research in various scientific disciplines. A need for a platform where Tibetans pursuing and wanting to pursue scientific career can interact, network and learn from each other, and contribute to our community forms the basis of Tibetan Scientific Society (TS2), a non-profitable organization started by a group of young Tibetan students pursuing advanced studies in scientific fields in India and abroad.




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