Aims and Objectives



The overarching goals of Tibetan Scientific Society are:


  • To promote and facilitate the creation of a network among Tibetan students, researchers, teachers and professionals at universities and institutions of scientific research.
  • To bridge the gap between traditional Tibetan society and mainstream scientific world by promoting a scientifically-conscious culture.
  • To provide guidance to prospective science students coming out of schools or finishing basic college science education.
  • To seek funds and help create endowments for the promotion of different scientific fields in our society.
  • To organize field events such as workshops, seminars and lectures with emphasis on basic and applied scientific research.
  • To keep students updated with the mainstream scientific world through publication of science-related proceedings, articles, memoirs, bulletins, etc.
  • To promote Buddhist science and psychology for the benefit of humanity. 


TSS has taken initiatives to achieve these goals in the form of various programs and activities that are targeted at Tibetan students of science who are either in high school, college, graduate school or already at the professional work place.




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